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Pregnant with a Creaky Old Dog

Love is: Thrasher Road at WRIF

Define love and you’ve got a handle on last night’s White River Indie Film’s Thrasher Road. I felt the tears trickle down my cheeks three times during the movie.  Once when an estranged daughter and her dad sang the Oscar Mayer jingle (“my bologna has a first name, it’s OSCAR”...you remember the rest) of yesteryear while forced to drive in a mechanically challenged car together for days at a time.  Next when two disparate families came together in Mississippi while an African American family took care of two Vermonters from Brownsville trying to find their way home.  And, finally, when a pregnant daughter’s dad became a “someone” to her after many years of estrangement.

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It wasn’t a total tear-jerker kind of movie.  But it was intense, well acted, and it portrayed the struggles intrinsic to life within family units.  It was powerful and emotive. It defined the hardships and the thrills of love.  It’s cinemetography shone.  And who doesn’t love an old dog from Vermont named “Roscoe” In a starring role?

if you saw it, Brava and Bravo to you.  You were part of a sold-out crowd that enjoyed a memorable film together as a community. If you didn’t see it, there are plenty more films to go starting again this morning at 11 AM in the Schleicher Studio at Northern Stage’s Barrette Center for the Arts with Instructions on Parting, a film about the cycle of life with beautiful time-lapse nature photography capturing the human journey up next.  

Catch a WRIF film while you can today or tomorrow.  Your life’s view will be forever altered.  Click on an above WRIF link or visit http://www.wrif.org/  for the remaining lineup of this weekend’s sublime films.


Dave Celone writes these Poetic Licence news and informational pieces.  He lives in E. Thetford until further notice!


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