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  • Mark Travis · 5 months ago  · Report
    Hello Megan -- you can't change the email associated with your account, but we can. I'll try reaching out to you directly, but you can also email us at dailyuv@subtext.org and our support team can help.
  • megansobel · 5 months ago  · Report
    How do I change my e-mail address on my account? I see how to change my user name and password, but not my e-mail.
  • Tom Haushalter · 6 months ago  · Report
    Hi, Jill. We've gotten some feedback about this issue and are working to fix it so you'll see more recent, active items for sale. Thanks for reaching out!
  • Jill Thomas · 6 months ago  · Report
    Why do I only see a couple of recent listings in the Market and then lots of older things from a year or two ago?
  • Fuller Henriques · 7 months ago  · Report
    Hi Toni, you can actually filter out the "for sale" items and see only news by clicking the hamburger (3 horizontal lines) icon in the top left corner and selecting "Stories". I'm not exactly sure what is going on with the +10/+20 and clicking the "x" issue you are seeing and will reach out to you directly for more information. Thanks for letting us know!
  • Toni Richie · 7 months ago  · Report
    I agree w/early2be. I dislike it when I click on "continue reading", and when finished and click the "x", I'm not returned to the spot I left. I cannot seem to change from "+10" to "+20" miles. I wish you could isolate the news items from all the "for sale" stuff. Thank you.
  • Fuller Henriques · 7 months ago  · Report
    Hi early2be, I'm sorry to hear you are finding the site frustrating. I'm with DailyUV and will reach out to you directly to learn more. Thank you for voicing your concern!
  • early2be · 7 months ago  · Report
    why do you make it so difficult to read your website info? Just put it available to all
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