They are your best friends . . . but are they legal?

All dogs should be registered by April 1, 2019

All dogs must be registered by April 1, 2019 and are required to have a license. In an effort to get dog owners to come in and register their dogs, and in keeping with the April Fools tradition, Bonnie Munday, a/k/a, Norwich Town clerk, thought she would try something different. This year she had the dog license made into the shape of a cat.  I will be checking in with her to see if this helps the process.  Only time will tell.

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Cover photo taken from a recent story (a dog day morning on Church St)

Town Clerk Bonnie Munday holding the new dog tag

Actually this looks like a cat. Was there a production problem?  No just a little humor

Please take it from me and get a License

Here is the list serv posting reminding dog owners to register their dogs.

Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2019 4:14 PM
Subject: Dog Licenses

This is just a reminder that there are two working days left to renew your dog license.

There is a rabies clinic at the River Road Veterinary Clinic from 12:00 to 3:00.  If you choose this time to register your dog/dogs please remember that my files will be very limited.  If your dog has gotten his rabies shot within the last year please plan to bring a copy with you.

  I have to have a copy on file and on Saturday I will not have access to a copy machine to make a copy.  If the rabies certificate has expired according to my records and you do not have the new documentation with you I will not be able to license your dog on Saturday.

The fee for a neutered/spayed female is $9.00.  The fee for an intact dog is $13.00.  When paying for your license we would prefer that you pay with a check opposed to cash.  I can take cash but will ask that you have close to the registration fee as possible.  Three people coming in with a $20.00 to pay for a $9.00 dog can render me unable to make change further in the day.  I only start with a very limited bank.


You do not have to attend the clinic if you would just like to register your dog.  I will be there for the above hours and will be happy to license your while I am there.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Thank you,



Bonnie J. Munday

Norwich Town Clerk

802-649-1419 ext. 103

PO Box 376

Norwich, VT   05055



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