The Book Jam

The Book Jam
About The Book Jam


We submit these blogs and recommendations with the deepest respect for readers, books, authors, independent booksellers, and public libraries.

We aim to put the right book in the right hands at the right time.

We hope to alleviate book jams (also know as reader’s block).

A Short History of The Book Jam:

This blog and podcast series began as a joke, truly it did.

While working together in the Norwich Bookstore (, an independent bookstore in our adopted Vermont hometown, the owners challenged us to host a radio show about books. Sadly, the cost proved prohibitive BUT the idea of finding a way to distribute independent booksellers’ knowledge of books and to provide a better way of helping people out of their “books jams” didn’t die.

And thus, in 2010 a blog was born.

So who are we? We’re two book lovers living in Vermont - both named Lisa - here to help you out of those troublesome “book jams.” You know you’re in a “jam” when you ask: “What should I read next?” “What should I take up to our cabin this weekend?” “What’s the best new cookbook to give Mom?” “What do I, rural girl in a flannel shirt, give my sophisticated best friend who lives in New York City or Seattle?” "What should my husband's book club read next?"

We do themed shows, interview authors about the books that have influenced them, read literature from different countries to better understand the world and ALWAYS recommend favorite books. Both Lisas have experience as independent booksellers and with their local public library board. Welcome, happy reading, and now, go grab a book!

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