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Driver punches driver at crash. White River Junction man falls in front of on-coming tractor-trailer
WEST LEBANON, NH -  Fisticuffs at the scene of a fender-bender on the Exit 20 off-ramp Tuesday morning caused one of the drivers to fall into the path of a tractor-trailer which then struck him, causing serious injuries, New Hampshire State Police are reporting.     The mishap occurred on the ramp leading down from Interstate 89 to the shopping plazas in West Lebanon at approximately 9:30 a.m. and initially involved a 2002 Toyota Camry driven by Jeremy Potwin, 47, of South Royalton and a 2002 Subaru Legacy driven by Roderick Ricker, 65, of White River Junction.     State police said a verbal disagreement erupted between the two after the accident when they stepped out of their cars and at some point Potwin allegedly punched Ricker, causing Ricker to fall into the roadway where he was then struck by the passing 18-wheeler.     Ricker was transported by ambulance to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center for treatment of serious, but non-life threatening, injuries and police closed the ramp down for approximately an hour to carry out their investigation into the incident.     New Hampshire State Police Trooper Catalfamo said Tuesday afternoon that the investigation is on-going and he urged anyone who might have additional information to call him at (603) 271-3635. Vermont News can be contacted at vermontnews802@gmail.com
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Inspirational Movies Based on True Stories about Making a Difference in Someone’s Life and Helping Others
I love movies with hope.  Movies that leave you feeling full and happy.  Movies that motivate you to make a difference and know that you can.  Here are some of my favorites.  Enjoy (popcorn optional). Though after seeing some of these recipe ideas for flavoring popcorn, I think I might change my mind.  Stream on Netflix.
Short Term 12.  This is a movie about working with troubled teens in a group home based on the writer/director’s own experience supervising a group home.  The movie is about building a community of love, trust, and positive relationships with people who have had so little of that in their own lives.   Rent on Amazon for $4 (unless you have Prime) Life of a King.  A man released from jail wants to make a difference and creates the Big Chair Chess Club to help kids on the street.  I loved this movie.  So inspirational. In the Hive.  A group of adults run an alternative school in the inner city and call it the Hive because everyone works together, like bees.  The movie follows a teen father who's trying to raise his son better than he was. Camp – An inspirational movie based on a mixture of real campers and a real camp. A man has to do community service and finds himself working with a troubled kid and learns how to reach out, be patient, and have compassion. Inspirational.  I like this movie but at times I wondered what the main character is thinking.  He frustrated me a little.  Nicky’s Family – This is a documentary about the man who helped kids escape Nazi persecution and leave Europe.  The movie ends with him even meeting some of the children he saved.  Amazing! Take the Lead. Antonio Banderas stars in this movie about a dance teacher who goes into the local high school and teaches some students in detention how to ballroom dance.  Reluctant at first, the students warm up to the idea and even enter a dance competition.  I really love the music in this movie too. Freedom Writers. I'm sure a lot of people have heard of this movie, but I still love it (and the book).  A teacher in an inner city school gets students to write and love it by having them write what they know and can connect with.  An inspirational teacher. The Blind Side. Another movie that was super popular (as well as the book) is about Michael Oher's life. He overcame a difficult childhood and with the support of a loving family, became a famous football star.  He currently plays for the Carolina Panthers.   For more movies, specifically those you can stream on Netflix, check out this post on my blog: 4 Inspirational True Story Movies on Netflix About Overcoming Adversity. Want some quick inspiration?  Check out some video clips of inspirational people on my Facebook.
How Does Hanover Hockey Prepare for Games?
The Hanover Marauders girls hockey team takes on Beekmantown today at 1 p.m. The team last defeated Beekmantown on Jan. 6. We caught up their head coach John Dodds to see what he had to say about his team’s victory. Thanks for talking with us coach and congrats to you and your team on the win. We’ll be keeping an eye on this Marauder team going forward and into the playoffs as they’re expected to once again be division 1 champions.
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