I’ve bragged about my friends to you before. They are the best of the best. Seriously. You think you have good friends, and I’m sure they’re great, but I just
Posted 14 hours ago
  • Leah Gartner · 3 hours ago  · Report
    Way to bring it, Kerry. You’re teaching us all.
  • nikkifortier@gmail.com · 7 hours ago  · Report
    <3 from one of the flawed great ones
  • Tiffany Dennis Ross · 7 hours ago  · Report
    Ever since we first met as teens I just knew you were something special. You are such a strong woman! I love how open and honest you were in your blog. People do need to hear that, so we will know how to respond more appropriately. Please know that you and your boys are daily in my prayers. Much love to you!
  • Tom Haushalter · 8 hours ago  · Report
    Thank you for the "real talk," Kerry. Who said anything about this being easy—for anyone?
  • Sarah Demers · 9 hours ago  · Report
    Kerry, Usually I have to say something, but instead please know that we're sending so you and your family much LOVE!
  • Kerry Krieger Clifford · 10 hours ago  · Report
    Your clicks and comments do so much to remind me that I have a very large community of support behind me. Thank you!
  • Although Gardener's Supply Company moved into the former Longacres location on Mechanic Street in Lebanon several months ago, it's throwing itself a Grand Open
    Posted 3 hours ago
    Last week I let the girls play around on their tablets, because I support screen time in reasonable doses, and also unreasonable doses if we have to be in the
    Posted 5 hours ago
  • Kerry Krieger Clifford · 3 hours ago  · Report
    “Reasonable doses” is such a moving target.
  • Kathi Keegan Chang · 4 hours ago  · Report
    She is such and Aquarian, always ready to forgive or Give to others. Her quiet sensitivity is balanced by her "outward" awareness... Really touching.
  • reg · 4 hours ago  · Report
    Love this, Lisa!
  • Plant Sale season is almost here!  It takes a year to put a Plant Sale together.  A plant sale can be just the place to find that special plant for your garden
    Posted 6 hours ago
    I could give two scoots about surfing -- I can barely swim -- but a memoir about surfing has had me in its thrall for the past week. (Granted, being pounded by
    Posted 6 hours ago