Wayne Keough, 40, formerly of Claremont, NH, entered pleas of guilty on July 18th to the felony offenses of Robbery-Armed with a Deadly Weapon and Reckless Con
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Finally. I found it. Maybe the only place in the Upper Valley where you can get a sugar cone served without a peel-off paper wrapper stuck to it. Where? A tota
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  • Bakin Stuff · 9 hours ago  · Report
    The cones at Autumn Harvest Farm in Grafton, NH come with a napkin. The flavors are all small batch and made there. Current flavors include maple walnut made w/real NH maple syrup, vanilla, spicy Mexican chocolate, strawberry shortcake, vegan chocolate pb
  • Dave Celone · 15 days ago  · Report
    Fore U in W Leb has great ice cream, but tgey do serve paper-wrapped sugar cones as far as I know.
  • Mariah · 15 days ago  · Report
    I wholeheartedly agree! The paper and glue on ice cream cones drives me nuts too! The only place I have found that offers a cone without it is Ice Cream Fore-U in West Lebanon, NH (it shares a parking lot with Home Depot—it's on one side and Home Depot is on the other). In my opinion they also serve the best soft serve vanilla ice cream. I don't usually get the hard ice cream so I can't speak to its quality, but it is very popular so I assume other people enjoy it too. The larger cones do have paper & glue, but if you order the smallest size that they offer, called "baby," it comes in a smaller cone that if free of paper & glue (it's a cake cone not a waffle cone). They are so liberal when serving the soft serve ice cream that it is more like a medium anywhere else. The smaller cone works just as well at hold the ice cream, it's just a little shorter. The larger sized orders do come in cones with paper & glue but you can always request they serve it in the slightly smaller cone that has no paper & glue (if you want to order a bigger size/larger amount of ice cream). The address is 298 N. Plainfield Rd., West Lebanon, NH. And it's open 11am-10pm all week during the summer.
  • Dave Celone · 15 days ago  · Report
    How about a simple paper napkin? Then no glue to eat.
  • jjtwister · 15 days ago  · Report
    PAPER? No problem for me. Would rather peel off some paper than have some servers hands all over my cone
  • Dave Celone · 16 days ago  · Report
    Meant to say ‘paper’ free cone zone!
  • It’s summer, and you want to get out of the house. You want to get your kids away from their screens and show them something REAL. Give them some nature! Take
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  • kateh · 9 hours ago  · Report
    Mt Tom in Woodstock, Gile Mountain in Norwich (though I believe the road to it is still closed, unfortunately), and Boston Lot lake (Lebanon). The last one doesn't have a typical view but does have a pond for swimming at the peak.
  • Lori Harriman · 20 hours ago  · Report
    Wright's Mountain, Strawberry Hill in Tunbridge, Moose Mountain Ridge Trail (accessing off trail by Moose Mountain Lodge in Etna).
  • Katie Forest Ranney · a day ago  · Report
    Weathersfield trail on Mt. Ascutney. My 11 and 7 year olds have been dragging me up for a few years.
  • JES · 2 days ago  · Report
    Definitely Owls Head in Groton! Incredible view.
  • Kerry Krieger Clifford · 2 days ago  · Report
    Take the auto road to the top of Ascutney and hike out to the hangliders’ launch. On a regular day, it’s spectacular. On a really special day, you’ll get to see a launch!
  • Holly Keller · 2 days ago  · Report
    I don't have kids but my favorite easier hikes include Mt Tom in Woodstock. Mt Cardigan (not for the littlest kids), French's ledges in Plainfield, Wright's Mountain in Bradford, and Eagles Bluff trail in Fairlee (a couple of short steep parts)
  • QUECHEE GORGE - Pedestrians looking over the scenic Quechee Gorge as it filled with fog early Tuesday evening spotted someone’s body on rocks near the center o
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  • Jason · 9 hours ago  · Report
    Landing head first or feet first is a matter of trajectory NOT intent!
  • Jason · 9 hours ago  · Report
    My dear friend Dottie is right. These people felt alone enough as it is, calling them "jumpers" in death only brings home the aloneness they felt in life! We can do better!
  • Brennan Kraus · 2 days ago  · Report
    To be ruled a suicide the person would have landed feet 1st and usually a homicide they would be headfirst Just in case anybody was wondering I saw a few people ask forensics major here
  • Crystal Carrier · 2 days ago  · Report
    I almost wonder if there would be a way to put up some sort of catch net so if anybody does jump they would be caught? However then there would have to be a way to retrieve them? Or maybe it would stop them from jumping all together? Just a thought.
  • Clyde Montgomery · 2 days ago  · Report
    Never heard of the previous deaths looked at Valley news nothing WCAX nothing NECN nothing
  • Ellen Adams · 2 days ago  · Report
    What if someone leans over and slips accidental death labeled suicide? Wonder if its ever happened?
  • Subject: IRS SCAMS againThe IRS Tax Scam is making the rounds again.  There seems to be an uptick in the amount of calls that folks are receiving saying they “
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