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September 23
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These photos were taken by me over a period of a few days. They were taken to show just some of the  scenes that one would find here in the Upper Valley this
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  • Chad · 16 hours ago  · Report
    great pictures Demo
  • JES · 20 hours ago  · Report
    Great photos, Demo!
  • Phyll · a day ago  · Report
    Loved your photo essay! As a midwesterner, I delighted in your many views of Vermont especially the close-ups of bright orange pumpkins----WELL DONE! ! More, more! ! !
  • norwichobserver · 2 days ago  · Report
  • Demo sofronas · 2 days ago  · Report
    Thanks for your kind words, It makes it all worthwhile
  • Warren Thayer · 2 days ago  · Report
    Nice shots, Demo!
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