Gigi and Gutcheck are the trail names for Guillermina Urrutia and Harvey Freeman. They started hiking the trail on April 1, 2018 (this is no April fool's joke)
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    Thanks Roy for your nice comments
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    And I should add, the pictures are terrific as well.
  • Roy Black · 3 hours ago  · Report
    Well done Demo. Truly a wonderful story.
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    wonderful story
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    For those that saw this link on the Norwich List Serve, I goofed and hit the send key twice so apologize for the repeat posts
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    I hope they are out of the woods and not stuck in this rainstorm tonight
  • John Girard, who taught at the Marion Cross School for 46 years, coached legions of youth baseball players, and remained a daily presence at the school long af
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    I was a student his first year at Marion Cross. Our first male teacher. He taught science and gymnastics. Encouraging and positive. So forward thinking at the time as he actually had a science lab with equipment for experiments. The only teacher that
  • Tierney Thys · a day ago  · Report
    John inspired me in so many ways. I am a scientist today in large part because of his love of science and math that he imparted to all his students. He will be greatly missed. Sending loads of love and hugs and smiles to all of Norwich and John’s family.
  • Joyce Childs · a day ago  · Report
    We were so saddened to read about John, Our deepest sympathy goes out to Cathy and the family. John was a great person and did ever so much for the town and MCS. No one will ever be able to fill his shoes, he surely will be missed for many years.
  • Cindy LaHaye · a day ago  · Report
    I did not know this man.. but what a loss for the community.. my prayers to his family and friends (which were many).
  • Hetty Thomae · 2 days ago  · Report
    This is such a loss for all of us.
  • Leah McLaughry · 3 days ago  · Report
    An all time great in our community! Changed so many lives and was humble and kind. I remember the days of sports camp in the summers with him and having him as my teacher. May we all have a little Mr. G energy and compassion in us going forward!
  • For Cassie and Jordan Timpy, their trek along the 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail had its challenges from the start. Beginning in Maine, they faced the trail's to
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    This is a fine example of some of the fine people who make this world a better place.
  • A Brookfield couple facing impending eviction from their home are desperately seeking a last-ditch solution, or a saving grace, from the broader community as t
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    You can get in touch with the Herald at:
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    If you’re interested in reaching out to these folks it’s most likely the author of the story from The Randolph Herald you should get a hold of. If you click on “Our Herald” above it should give you contact info.
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    I can take ducks and chickens .i dont have big barn or i would take all of them ...i do know of rescue in statesboro vt caroline audy that may be able to take the horses
  • Marcy Bartlett · 7 hours ago  · Report
    Loving our online village today. Just thank you. I know of the Krenicks second hand through a mutual friend, and they are great people.
  • Pam Charbono · 8 hours ago  · Report
    Call Daily UV for contact info Caroline Andy that is awesome!
  • Caroline Audy · 10 hours ago  · Report
    I have 300 acres in starksboro by with tons of rescue animals and would have room for every one o the animals, how do I contact someone to help?
  • John Girard was among the finest people I have known. I know I share this sentiment with many people. I had the honor of teaching at Marion Cross School for six years during John’s long career as a d
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  • dan · 4 hours ago  · Report
    Cindy- a beautiful and perfect tribute to Mr. G!
  • Liz Ryan Cole · 5 hours ago  · Report
    thank you for sharing these reflections
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