Seattle has done it. Starbucks has done it. And there are efforts underway in New York, Washington, DC, and Portland, OR to do it. How about right here in the
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  • Dave Celone · 35 minutes ago  · Report
  • Dave Celone · 35 minutes ago  · Report
    Starbucks is going to need to address its plastic lid replacement for plastic straws. They're getting plenty of bad press about it. We'll see what happens...
  • Jason · an hour ago  · Report
    The days of the plastic straw are OUT! Paper straws are IN! Come on local restaurants! Do the right thing and go PAPER!
  • Sandra Picard · 3 hours ago  · Report
    I wondered the same thing myself. But environmentalists were on a tear to "save the trees". Now plastic is BAD! The funny thing is, the new sippy cup covers Starbucks is going to use in place of the dastardly straws contains more plastic than the straws!
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    Remember the post by Forrest MacGregor about the Randolph Parade? Those pix were taken diagonally across the street from MY house. My sister also took some pix
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    Mr. Ennis was much more than a teacher. He was a friend, mentor, and father figure. As the years go by, my memory of high school has certainly faded, but his memory is one that is etched permanently in my mind. Wonderful human being. #rogerrocks
  • Sylvia Cooley · 12 hours ago  · Report
    Mr. Ennis was a major reason I liked High School and would consider becoming a High School teacher. So respectful of his students and showed a genuine interest in us. I am so appreciative of the time outside of school he spent with us. Thank you Mr Ennis!
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    The table is 98" x 42". The benches are 98" x 18"
  • Gail Wright · 3 hours ago  · Report
    What are the dimensions?
  • Opera North opened under the Big Top at the Blow-Me-Down Farm in Cornish NH this weekend with "Singers and Swingers," a production that combined circ
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