Green Mountain Hypnosis Now Offers Corporate Wellness Programs for Your Business

Karen Gray CH, RN
Submitted 2 months ago
Lebanon, NH

Introducing Corporate Wellness Programs for Large and Small Businesses

Successful companies recognize that employee health is a key ingredient of any successful enterprise. Through the expertise of the area’s leading hypnosis practice, Green Mountain Hypnosis, you can bring the powerful and effective tool of hypnosis into your company or organization. ​Support your employees in their self-improvement goals.  You can now schedule group hypnosis sessions at your location.  Your company benefits and so do your employees!

What Can Your Group Hypnosis Sessions Be Used For?
​Stress Management
Smoking Cessation
Weight Reduction
Public Speaking
Who benefits from these Workplace Wellness Programs?
​Experiencing hypnosis with colleagues at work can increase individual success rates because lifestyle changes are contagious! Being around people who are losing weight makes you want to lose weight too. Success is sweeter when it's shared with others. And organizing a wellness hypnosis program for your company, co-workers or other work group is a great way to invest in health, pay lower insurance premiums and save money with group hypnosis packages.

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