Windsor Wins 4th Annual Vermont 3D Printing Contest

Third Generation Media & Design
Submitted 3 months ago
Windsor, VT

Hidden within the small valleys of Vermont are historical treasures - beautiful buildings with a past as rich as their architecture. Using the 3D modeling software Sketchup and 3D printing technology, the Town History in 3D Competition brings Vermont historical buildings and their amazing past to life.

High School and middle school students from around the state are challenged to work in teams to research and recreate 3D models of historical buildings in their area. In the process they uncover and document the history of buildings and create a multimedia presentation to accompany their printed 3D models.

All completed models and their accompanying multimedia presentations are entered into a now annual statewide spring invitational showcase where they are judged for their technical mastery, architectural accuracy and historical research and presentation.


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  • Kerry Krieger Clifford · 3 months ago  · Report
    So proud of our town and our kids!
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