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Claremont, NH

Grace and Hope Community Church - “A Mission Church “

P.O. Box 1453. Claremont, NH  03743

Announcement:  Soon to arrive to Claremont:  Dinner  Church

April 11, 2018

Dear friends,

            The Grace and Hope Community Church - “A Mission Church, (GHCC)” has moved into Claremont this past December just as the ice, snow and bitter cold came upon us.  I am pleased to announce that GHCC is preparing to open a Dinner Church in the downtown area.  The Dinner Church movement is quickly spreading throughout the US and GHCC is bringing our existing Dinner Church to you.

         As we begin the process of seeking a site and all the other preparations to prayerfully open our doors in June/July, I am sure many may be asking, “Why do we need another church in Claremont?” May I share a few situations you may have encountered: First, you’re in line at the supermarket and a women with two little children discovers she does not have enough money to pay for the food she so desperately needs to feed her children.  Does she return several items such as milk, cereal and others in order to cut the bill?  Has this ever happened to you?  You are on the way to a local store and someone wearing just a tee shirt stops you seeking a place where they can get out of the bitter cold.  What if you were asked for change so they could buy a hot cup of coffee?  I ask you, did you help?  Realistically, many just walk away.  Then, there are people like yourself, overcome with regret and took time to pray asking: “what you could do to help people in need”?

          Our Dinner Church provides many opportunities to give of your time, support, donations, and supplies for the very same people and others who struggle each and every day living on our streets here in Claremont.  When GHCC’s Dinner Church opens it doors to all, we will provide a wonderful meal with the fixings.  While seated together around the table, people meet each other and over time will share their personal stories.  Why? They soon realize they are all among friends; with supportive people, who do not judge, truly provide Agape love and really care about them.  Why?  There is no more shame or guilt because as most look about them, realize most of the others are in the same boat as they.  I will share a story of Jesus and propose a question or two how His message applies to all our lives and our relationships with others.  We will sing, laugh, cry, and pray seeking the strength, guidance and peace all so long to receive.  Finally, we all partake, (personal choice), of the Lord’s Supper instituted by myself as Ordained Pastor.  GHCC’s Dinner Church models the exact way Jesus ate and shared with all who sat at His table as recorded in all four Gospels.

          Please feel free to contact me if you are excited about our Dinner Church; or you feel called to such a ministry, maybe just pondering and have some questions. I am more than blessed to speak with you.  Contact: email: revkjheavey@gmail.com- Cell: 603-543-7619.

In Christ and submitted by:

Rev. Karen Heavey, Senior Pastor

Grace and Hope Community Church – “A Mission Church”


Dinner Church – Research “Fresh Expressions” on Internet.

Rev. Karen Heavey is an Ordained Pastor with the American Baptist Churches - USA and serving with the ABC/VNH Region, office located in Lebanon, NH.

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  • revkjheavey · a month ago  · Report
    We held our first Dinner Church service last Friday,June 8 late in the afternoon. We we blessed with seven in attendance and enjoyed our food, snacks and sharing. We plan to begin sending out announcements about the City for all who are not aware we are here. We meet at the Broad Street Park for the summer while we seek to locate a building in the local area. When a permanent location is found, we will let all know and especially us, we will be happy to unload all the Dinner Church material out of our small apartment. Anyone willing to lend a hand or volunteer, please contact me via email: revkjheavey@gmail.com or my cell: 543-7619. Thank you for your prayers and support. Rev. Karen
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