Of Beans and Bunnies--Dan & Whit's are my peeps.

Marcy Bartlett
Submitted 3 months ago
Hartford, VT

 I wanted, no--needed to find Jacob's Cattle beans. While I occasionally have seen them elsewhere, my safest bet has always been at Dan & Whit's. Because Jacob's Cattle are the baked beans of our childhood. First introduced to us by dear friends of my parents' generation in Maine who we knew as Aunt Bev and Uncle John. 

Then I married a Mainer. If you ever get invited to a bean hole, say yes. They dig a pit, build a fire, make a bed of coals, put in the enormous container of beans/liquids/seasonings, put on the lid. Cover it with coals, cover all with dirt and bake it for a long time. I've probably messed up this description but not the review. They are that good.

For Easter, however, I just needed 2lbs. And some bunnies. So when time is tight, I don't go shopping. I go hunting. Beans. Check. Bunnies. Check. It's good to have peeps. Even if they're not blue.


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