Woodstock, VT to start a Town Band.

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Woodstock, VT

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The charter idea of the group is to get everyone together to make some music; including those who haven’t played in a number of years (or decades), as well as those members of our community who are playing on a regular basis.

We anticipate planning some sort of evolving rehearsals that include progressive and staggered activities. This would allow potential members to attend the rehearsal segments which best fit their abilities. For example a 90 minute rehearsal might be structured as follows:

* First 30 minutes = Review of some basic band exercises… Planned to include tone production, simple melodies, scales, rhythmic drills, etc… Helping those who haven’t played in a while get reoriented with their instruments and music abilities.

* Second 30 minutes = Introduce and rehearse music for potential performance… Engaging in learning and improvement strategies to assist those players who might not be capable in sight reading through such performance selections.

* Third 30 minutes = Play through all the music covered to that point in the rehearsal… Allowing more experienced musicians capable of sight reading through the performance selections to participate in the group with an appropriately reduced time commitment.

Participants could plan to ‘jump into’ a rehearsal process like the one outlined above based on their ability and experience level. For instance:

- Those seeking the most time and assistance in the rehearsal opportunity can access that prior to being joined by others who may not need as much direction.

- Others who are able to contribute to the group through minimal rehearsal, or even by offering strong sight reading abilities, can be offered those opportunities to participate in that way.

Putting this together in Woodstock by working to build a group which can grow together and eventually perform would be a lot of fun! Some terrific potential exists to collaborate with Artistree, the local WCSU school bands, and other entities in our community. We hope to ‘hear’ from you..!

Here is the link to the website.


Please fill out the online survey at the following link allowing us to gather information about the potential membership.


We will be using the following Email to answer any questions you have about this group.



Mark Van Gulden, Music Director, Artistree

Jody Henderson, Music Instructor, Woodstock HS/MS


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