Teensy Tumblers at ArtisTree with Kaitlyn!

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Woodstock, VT

Tiny Tumbler Acrobatic Movement Classes at ArtisTree are starting next week on March 20th!

On Tuesdays from 10:30-11:15am, our tiniest acrobats can look forward to learning many new ways to move their bodies with instructor Kaitlyn Knapp. We focus on balance, coordination, flexibility, limbering, and, of course, tumbling! This program is designed for young children and their caregivers. All levels are welcome.

Kaitlyn offers students a rich and engaging experience in her acrobatics, dance, and gymnastics classroom. Her classes provide a fun atmosphere where children can develop self-discipline, creativity, focus, confidence, and lasting friendships. In the process of learning the skills presented, students are transformed into artists and well-rounded athletes. 

Kaitlyn is a graduate of Plymouth State University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance Management and Instruction and she has been studying gymnastics for well over twenty years. She looks forward to bringing her enthusiasm and soul to her work as she shares her passion for the acrobatic arts. 

Learn more or sign up today!

Photography courtesy of Abby Rowlee

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  • marie cole · 3 months ago  · Report
    The Tiny Acrobats will begin their tumbling on Tuesday, March 20th!!
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