Hanover Police Department is now YHOP (You Have Options) certified

Submitted 4 months ago
Hanover, NH

After an extensive process, the Hanover Police Department is pleased to announce the agency has become “You Have Options Program” certified. Hanover PD is only the 7th in the nation to achieve this best-practices certification.  The You Have Options Program (YHOP) offers three options for reporting a sexual assault to law enforcement including an Information Only report, a Partial Investigation and a Complete Investigation. A sexual assault survivor may speak with a law enforcement officer prior to making any decision about their reporting choice.  A Survivor does not have to reveal their name or other identifying information to speak with law enforcement about their options.

No matter what type of reporting option is chosen their access to advocacy and medical care is given priority, even when they do not initially choose to pursue a criminal investigation.  Law enforcement agencies that participate in the “You Have Options Program” encourage reporting of a sexual assault even if the person never intends to pursue criminal charges against the person who assaulted them.

All You Have Options Program Law Enforcement Agencies believe in providing victims of sexual assault with as much control over their report and any subsequent criminal investigation as the law allows.

The Hanover Police Department has long recognized the importance of working with victims, community members, advocacy groups, and our health and prevention organizations. These relationships are crucial during the process of investigating and solving crimes, especially the crime of sexual assault.

​Sexual assaults are one of the most under reported crimes in our nation and that must change. To help us meet this critical challenge and bring change, we have chosen to implement the You Have Options Program (YHOP) in the Hanover Police Department. This is a program that is victim-centered and offender-focused. 

No one at the Hanover Police Department expects any sexual assault survivor to make a decision regarding their participation in a criminal investigation when they initially come forward to report. We provide sexual assault victims with all relevant information and then give them the time they need to make decisions that are right for them regardless of the criminal investigation. Priority is always given to a sexual assault survivor's physical safety and mental well-being. Our officers will dedicate whatever resources are necessary to satisfy a person's safety needs.

​​In closing, the Hanover Police Department strives to work in a manner that will always represent your best interests as a sexual assault survivor. Please know that if you choose to report, our YHOP program is a commitment to sexual assault survivors and our desire to work with you throughout this process.

Questions regarding the YHOP certification should be directed to the program administrator, Captain Mark G. Bodanza at (603) 640-3335. To learn more about the “You Have Options Program” visit- www.reportingoptions.org/ 

 Issued By:      Charles B. Dennis, Chief of Police

Date:               3/01/2018

Time:              6:00 PM


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