When it's the animal that imbibes....

Marcy Bartlett
Submitted 4 months ago
Hartford, VT

So many ways this can go.... So Henry drinks wine with his cat.

Have you every seen drunk opossums? When we lived in New Haven the opossums would climb the urban landscape in search of easy food. When our garbage can was too secure (learned that the hard way) the opossums would climb the crabapple trees and eat the fermented crabapples. And you thought an owl could screech?? Or even worse: a whole choir????? 

So this week when we took the grandkids to the Museum of Science in Boston, I'm sad to say that when the expert was lecturing on opossums and their unique habits...can you guess where my mind went? It's difficult to be serious when you see this sedate creature being hand fed in front of 50 kids--and you are the grown up in charge....

Other creatures are not immune: 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAfKZUn9sZ0&t=61s Sent this one to my sibs in honor of our Dad who was a crack shot in the squirrel department. 

So if you are concerned that you might lose your reason this mud season....I suggest you join the Possum Lodge a 'la the Red Green Show. Because clearly, these guys beat you to it.


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