Lost Golden Retriever

Submitted 4 months ago
Hanover, NH

This was posted 2 hours ago on Facebook: Upper Valley VT/NH. I'm just sharing it for Darby Wiggins. Please contact her at the phone # given, not me.

Please help Hocus find his way back home. He is greatly missed. Hocus was frightened by a loud vehicle and broke free on Friday, 2/23 near Wilder Lab in Hanover (Dartmouth). He ran down the bank between Richardson and Wilder lab and was last Frat Row around 12:30PM by a Physics grad student, he was too spooked to catch. Hocus has a royal blue harness on with a green retractable leash attached and dragging. If you were in the area on Friday and saw Hocus, any information in the direction he headed would be appreciated. Hocus is also wearing a brown leather collar with all his tags attached. If you have seen or find Hocus, please contact Jean Blandin at 603-359-3780 or 646-6559 (you can also contact Safety and Security or Hanover Police.) We have searched the area for several days and have had no sighting. If you found Hocus and are caring for him, thank you for providing shelter, won't you please contact Dartmouth Safety and Security at 603.646.4000.

Please cross-post far and wide!


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