The Pied Piper of Windsor's American Precision Museum

Marcy Bartlett
Submitted 4 months ago
Hartford, VT Scott Davison, Education Director at the American Precision Museum in Windsor facilitated a great event yesterday: Introduce A Girl To Engineering. And with the finesse of a true facilitator, he cast the focus on the presenters at hand: women in engineering, their work, and the paths each took to arrive at their current areas of expertise. 

We learned how they study, design, build--and sometimes blow up!--their work, only to rebuild it and make it stronger. Aerospace, materials, environmental, structural engineers made us all more curious and hungry for more.

Speaking of more, they plan future events, will open up their full museum for the season in the spring.

A side note: one mother told of this event in June: hosted by WPI called A Festival of Science, Technology & Robots. Full day. FREE. All ages. Website has free downloadables.

Thank you APM for inspiring us to reach for more! And thank you to the many sponsors who help fund their work and dreams for the future of STEM in our region!


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