You know the food is good when you eat it before taking a picture!

Marcy Bartlett
Submitted 4 months ago
Hartford, VT

Sorry Dave & Debbie (aka Wicked Awesome BBQ) but I was busy chatting and eating your yummy food and completely forgot to take a picture...

The BBQ Beef Brisket with cheese & scallions over fries really was awesome! And good cole slaw (my addition because I've had their cole slaw before) which has a coarse chop, not shredded. 

Good food, good people who have put their heart and soul into making a brick & mortar place get up and running. They have completely renovated the former Thrifty Car Rental space to have hardwood floors, friendly decor and it's immaculately clean. 

So if you're turning right to go to McDonald's in White River, just drive another 50 feet. How hard is that? 


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