Announcing CATV’s Newest Baby

Donna Girot
Submitted 5 months ago
Hartford, VT

CATV's new baby is an audio recording booth which reduces ambient noise
by about 50%!  Since the CATV studio lives next to the busy train track, this is a brilliant audio recording service we can now provide to the community

Shown here “Walking Through Life” show host Linda Carbino is being filmed
in the audio booth while Skyping with a show guest in Texas. Carbino has been
able to talk to guests from across the country because of this Skype & audio booth

Produce your own show with support from the CATV crew and equipment.  Call CATV at 802.295.6688 to find out more.

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  • mcoleman · 5 months ago  · Report
    This is really neat. Great idea CATV!
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