Community Contribution Program “Common Cents” Coming Soon!

Submitted 5 months ago
Hartford, VT

Upper Valley Food Co-op is proud to announce that it will launch a new community contribution program called Common Cents in February!

Common Cents will allow customers the option to add a donation to their purchases. The donations will go to local organizations whose mission and ends statements align with those of the Co-op. The breakdown is as follows:  25% of donations will go to the Vermont Foodbank, 25% will go to the Upper Valley Haven, and 50% will go to a “feature” organization that will rotate monthly.

Here’s how it works – Near the registers, there will be signs that outline the main mission of Vermont Foodbank, the Haven, and the feature organization. If a customer feels moved to add a donation to their purchase that will go toward those organizations, they tell their cashier that they would like to round up for Common Cents. Generally, the cashier will round up the purchase total to the nearest dollar, but specific donation amounts (to be more or less than rounding up) can be processed as well. The difference between the customer’s original purchase total and the new total will be tracked in the POS system. Monthly, the Co-op will process the funds to benefit the three donation recipients. That’s it!

The Co-op is opting for this style donation program because it allows customers to easily make small donations to local organizations. As a whole, we hope the community will be able to give more as a result of individuals contributing what they can, when they can. These bite-sized donations really add up over the course of a month! It’s a way for the Co-op community to support and promote the good work of our partners not only by giving them a monetary donation, but also by spreading the word through in-store signage and social media promotions.

As the Co-op’s mission is, “The Upper Valley Food Co-op is a community-supported natural foods market which promotes the local economy, is committed to sustainability, and enriches lives through education,” we strive to work in harmony with other organizations who are supporting our community.

If you are an organization that would like to apply to be a donation recipient, send the Common Cents 50% Partner Application to Education & Outreach Coordinator Brooke Josler at You may reference the Co-op's Mission & Ends Statements here.


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