Why participate in democracy when it doesn't matter?

Marcy Bartlett
Submitted 6 months ago
Hartford, VT

"Government of the people, by the people, for the people."

Really. This is a "devil's advocate" post, because I do believe in participation. However, the rush to vote in Montpelier about marijuana is one more example why the average American can see their opinions as unimportant to our elected officials.

Evidently I'm one of the few children of the 60's who navigated the drug culture unscathed. But I got to watch it first hand. I saw it ruin the prospects of classmates who went to jail instead of college. I watched drug use dumb down the sensibilities and aspirations of friends. 

During EMT practicum in college, we were required to put in hours at an Emergency Room as part of the curriculum. A young woman was brought in on a back board while the ambulance crew was desperately doing CPR to save her from her overdose. It didn't work. I remember helping slide the back board out from under her. I remember she was bare chested--and I was horrified. Then her hysterical parents arrived. 

Like her parents, are we to be the collateral damage from yet another failed drug policy? Oh, that's right. We are so evolved now: we have Narcan. 

For the record, if you're going to tell me that marijuana use doesn't lead to harder drugs, please do your homework. If you still have the mental clarity to do so.


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