American Fascism on the Move

Submitted 5 months ago
Norwich, VT

Instead of
protecting our country, Republicans are attacking our constitutional
protections - and our protectors.  This weekend, radical Republicans are on a Camp David
"retreat", with Donald Trump, to conjure up a scheme to fire Special
Councilor, Robert Mueller by replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, with
someone who has not recused himself from the Russia investigation.

Instead of protecting our country
from foreign and domestic adversaries, Senators Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and
Lindsay Graham, (R-SC) are attempting to file phony allegations against former
British intelligence agent, Christopher Steele, author of the opposition research
dossier on Donald Trump.

This dossier was launched
originally by a Republican PAC to keep Trump from becoming the Republican
nominee for the GOP presidential campaign.  That effort failed and
Republican support for the dossier was dropped, however, Democrats picked up
the dossier to continue the research into Trump and his business connections,
particularly his connections to Russian dirty money and Vladimir Putin.

Now that the dossier has turned up
evidence against Trump, the GOP, Fox "News", and others, are
attacking, both, Robert Mueller, dossier creator, Christopher Steele, and the
Democrats.  Their fear is that this dossier will help bring down Trump - and possibly, the GOP itself.  The
ultimate GOP fear is that the complete collapse of their ‘House of Cards’ could
nullify Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States, forcing a

Story here:

It does not
take much of a stretch of the imagination to see that the United States is in
the midst of a genuine constitutional crisis. Ordinary Americas must rise
up against the radical right wing that includes the GOP, and Donald Trump and
his administration.  Get off your duffs people - and fight for our constitution
and our democracy!  Republicans want you to feel helpless, demoralized and
defeated.  Stand up and fight people – fight!

And to those of you who still think
right wing radicalism is not a local threat, think again.  Besides the
national threat to our locality, there has been at least one past attempt to
launch an ultra-right organization in Norwich by someone who would have us
institute prayer and the teaching of Creationism at Marion Cross School. 
Read on:

Here is the white
paper Issues
Challenging Education.
Vouchers: An Initiative for School

An excerpt:

Religious Right ( URL: has successfully organized
into a political force lobbying federal and state legislatures into adopting
policies that promote prayer in schools, and curricular reform including
creationism and Christian values”.

Full version of the Horizon UNC
white paper:

An Initiative for School Reform?

Civitas Institute (now inactive) registered with Vermont Secretary of State:

I believe
the Norwich, Vermont Civitas Institute is related to the North Carolina Civitas
Institute & John William Pope Foundation:

the “religious” right swears that the United States is not a secular nation, that
our forefathers did not intend there be Separation of Church and State. 
They further believe that “Religious Freedom” gives them the right to impose
their beliefs on our government, schools – and on all of us personally (judging
us all based on their religious beliefs).  They believe America should be
ruled by “God’s Law”, that we are a “Christian nation”, a “White Christian
Nation”, or more succinctly, a “White Evangelical Nation” run by religious laws
as interpreted by the most conservative (and suspect) among us.

The so-called “Freedom Caucus” and
“Christian Caucus” in Congress, both claim that they are involved in government
to enhance all religious freedoms. 
In reality, this does not involve Islam, because Islam “is not a real
religion”.  Nor are any other religions considered "real" when compared
to American Evangelical Christianity....


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