Reasons I like our Annual Holiday Bush Burn.

david fairbanks ford
Submitted 7 months ago
Hartford, VT

It's First Friday in White River Junction tomorrow, and we will not be hosting our Holiday Bush Burn—okay, our Christmas Tree Burn until the following week. The weather is just too awful. So on Friday the 12th of January, come and see burning bushes, dance to Cajun Music courtesy the Bayou X Band and sample some punch and some authentic crawfish étouffée! 

This Cajun dance and bush burn is one of my favorite celebrations here at the Main Street Museum. Why? because we get to be outdoors in January, for a little bit at least, and the days are getting longer. We probably can't notice it yet, but meteorologists assure me they are. The fire will keep us warm. As will the dancing. May it please you! and happy Epiphany! 

Tomorrow, First Friday, we will be open. Showing off new cases, and a new collections of "Things made from, or used in the Preparation of, Coconuts." Nuts all around! 


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