The Earthquake Felt vs. the Volcano That Wasn't

Marcy Bartlett
Submitted 6 months ago
Hartford, VT

Ah, geology. Science. Tectonic plates, magma and pyroclastic flow.  Well, almost.

In a moment of weakness, we picked out a 4-pack of Smithsonian science projects for one of our grandson's Christmas gifts. The hammer & chisel to unearth the hidden gems worked worked well--(although perhaps not for napping Grampa).

However, the volcano was a bust. They followed the scientific method meticulously, and observed an eruption that was decidedly underwhelming. Something oozed out the top, but it was by no means Mt. St. Helens. 

Which is probably just as it dampened the desire to get out the blue food coloring for 30 steps to create-your-own crystals project.


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