Thanks to St. Barnabas

Submitted 6 months ago
Hartford, VT

Hanukkah ended a few days ago, and I’d like to thank the people of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church and the Rev. Jennie Anderson for so graciously hosting the Norwich menorah again this year. What struck me most this time was how ordinary the whole thing felt. The week before Hanukkah began, Jennie emailed to ask when we were planning to set the menorah up. She helped us get the extension cord arranged in her house and kept a solicitous eye out over the 8 nights. This was just a neighbor helping neighbors, utterly unremarkable. But we don’t live in a world where people reaching across lines of faith and difference is always the course of ordinary life. And so just a moment of public gratitude for the fact that here, in Norwich, it is. Thank you.


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