CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM--the Tacos are here!

Marcy Bartlett
Submitted 7 months ago
Hartford, VT

Thank you, Topher and Dennis for hosting the Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce's Business After Hours tonight! I'm sure you will say it more eloquently than I can, but the carnitas were excellent, and the place was packed. Snarfing, noshing, chips and salsa-ing, lipguacsmackingly good!  Clumsy-Thumbsy tried to text Topher recently...and it turned into Gopher with autocorrect. I found a photo of Gophers eating Tacos. Who knew?

Oh, and they open tomorrow. No, really!

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  • Brenda Lamphere · 7 months ago  · Report
    Trailbreak was an awesome experience. The atmosphere is great and the food was wonderful!
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