Hartford Redemption Open

Jacob Trombley
Submitted 7 months ago
Hartford, VT

Hartford Redemption is officially open as of November 1. We are located at the Hartford transfer station at 2590 N. Hartland Rd, White River Jct, VT 05001. Hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday 8am-4pm. Come redeem all Vermont can and bottle deposits in a clean and friendly environment.

We are new to the community and would like to introduce ourselves. My wife and I own Vermont Redemption Inc which consists of three locations, Springfield Redemption, Valley Redemption and now Hartford Redemption. We have two small children and are looking to relocate our family to the Hartford area.

To contact us with comments or questions feel free! We appreciate the feedback.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hartford-Redemption-812825945563586/

Phone: Jacob @ 802-233-0738

Email: trombley11@yahoo.com

Thank you to the town of Hartford and the transfer station for this opportunity to serve the Upper Valley area with redemption services.

Vermont Redemption Inc.

The Trombley Family


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