Special Autumn Reiki Package: 5 Sessions & a Free Bonus!

Essential Arts Reiki
Submitted 8 months ago
Hartford, VT

When you register for five Essential Arts Reiki Studio Sessions you'll enjoy a bonus Remote Reiki Session free!

There's nothing like the calming, rejuvenating energy of Reiki to help you ease into the holiday season and transition into fall.  Weekly or monthly sessions can help reduce stress as well as pain and discomfort, and promote faster, deeper recovery from illness and injury by supporting your natural healing systems with the gentle and powerful energy of Reiki.

Visit essentialarts.net for more information or contact Reiki Master Dawn Hancy (connect@essentialarts.net or 802-685-7752) for a free consultation to discover how Reiki can help you - your family and friends - celebrate the changing seasons with greater joy and peace than ever before.


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