Why Does Verizon Care About Telephone Poles?

W Alexander
Submitted 8 months ago
Hartford, VT

A timely op-ed on Verizon's interest in locating cell antennae on telephone poles by Sam Liccardo, the mayor of San Jose, Calif., and a member of the Federal Communications Commission’s Broadband Development Advisory Committee:  



1) They make more money since most municipalities aren't really equipped to negotiate more balanced contracts.  Once they get the first antennae installed, good luck limiting additional transmitters.

2) It's a lot cheaper for Verizon to lobby Congress and the FCC to take away local control from municipalities than it is to negotiate with individual land owners.


3) Don't hold your breath waiting for either national party to rearrange their priorities on this - - the telecoms are equally opportunity political donors: 


Why are we even talking about this?  

Backstory here: https://dailyuv.com/organizations/2285-norwich-observer


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