When You Love this World Enough to Break Rules: A Panel Discussion on Civil Disobedience
Ended May 20
Simon Dennis
What do we do when convergent global crises begin to seem like existential threats to the survival of life on Earth? When the power elite are unwilling to facilitate a course correction, can we cooperate without being complicit? Join some of our region’s most informed social activists for a panel discussion about the pros and cons of the nonviolent direct action. All-star panelists will be: Michael Chamnes Asma Elhuni Geoffrey Gardiner Kira Kelley Please join this inquiry into what can be our most meaningful response to the conditions of today. Tea and cookies provided, Donations encouraged. Brought to you by the Center for Transformational Practice. For more information, email info@transformationalpractice.org or call (802) 585-2637.
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