Central Vermont Dowsers Monthly Gathering with Steve Herbert
Ended May 11
May 11
2:00 PM — 4:30 PM
Price:  5 minimum donation
Steve Herbert, will be talking about Earth Energy Zones The Earth is a living being and has an energy body. She has a complex system of energy lines somewhat akin to the meridians of the human body. They can be classified as geovitalizing or geopathic relative to the effect they have on human health and well being. These zones manifest in a number of diverse forms which may impact us in the spaces we live and work. There may also be entities associated with either positive or negative zones. In this workshop, we will discuss the nature of these zones, how one may deal with the entities that may be attached to them, and how we may transmute the energies to minimize the negative and augment the positive in the spaces we frequent. About Steve: With 34 years of experience as a dowser, Steve consults privately, dowsing water wells for people with documented success. Agenda: 10-11 am - Meet & Greet, practice dowsing 11-12 - Speaker presentation 12-12:30 - questions/discussion
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