Glorious Leader
Ended May 17
Glorious Leader is the solo project of Kyle Woolard, bandleader of orchestral indie group The Anatomy of Frank. He writes music with no lies. A multi-instrumentalist, Woolard is renowned for powerful live performances and his intricate fingerstyle acoustic guitar work. He lives in the cold woods of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom region For fans of The Anatomy of Frank, Woolard’s songwriting and arrangements will be unmistakable. His Appalachian roots combined with his years spent performing and collaborating in Iceland create a sound that defies easy classification. He has struck a style that is somehow distinctly Vermont — a wide stroke of nostalgia, plenty of quirks, and a sense of beautiful loneliness that a winter in the woods can afford. For those seeing him for the first time, you are in for a treat: a seasoned performer who loves his audiences as much as writing music. He’ll be joined by special guests and local legends on stage. Expect surprises.
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