You Are Invited! Twin State BNI Visitor's Day Business Networking Event
Ended May 16
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Karen Gray CH, RN
Are you business owner or employee that wants to make more connections and get more referrals? Join us for Visitor's Day at BNI - Twin State Chapter of on May 16. This networking event is free and open to the public. Please bring lots of business cards, plan on meeting a lot of people, and come prepared with a 60-second sales pitch. This is where you get to introduce yourself to the group and brag about your business - what you do and why you’re better than your competition - and why we should refer our clients, friends, and family to you. The premise of BNI is that everybody knows somebody who needs something. At BNI, we pass qualified referrals for business to our fellow members, and we allow only one person per profession. As a 2-year member, I can tell you it works. There is no obligation to join, just come and network. If you have a close friend or know another business who might benefit from visiting, please bring them along! Call or email Karen to register as a visitor.
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