Acorn Workshop w/Daniela Dana
October 06
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Acorn Workshop Daniela Dana Oct 6, 1-3pm Are Acorns really edible? Yes! Acorns are edible and quite nutritious but they take a bit of processing before you can eat them. They are NOT edible raw. Acorns contain quite a bit of naturally occurring tannins - which make them bitter. Other foods contain tannins to varying degrees (that is often what gives certain foods their unique ‘mouth feel’). Foods that contain tannins include: pomegranates, grapes, nuts, chocolate, rhubarb and some beans. Come learn how to make them delicious! Following D Acres “All You Should Eat” Farm breakfast, Sunday’s activities will include an acorn gathering “how to” walk and processing demonstrations. There will be acorn foods to sample and recipes to share. We will start at 1PM with a walk through D Acres trails. We will identify how to tell a “good” (for eating) acorn from a “bad” one, and tools & techniques for gathering efficiently - with a light footprint. Topics of discussion will include New England
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