Tandem Hang Gliding with Leb Rec
June 08
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Lebanon Recreation & Parks Department
(Maximum Weight: 225 lb) Come join us for a tandem flight and enjoy the splendor of the Connecticut River Valley from the air. This is a great way to experience high altitude hang gliding. First, a professional tandem flight instructor will give you an overview of the flight to come. The two of you are then hooked into a special tandem hang glider. This hang glider is set up to safely take off and land on wheels so that no running is required. After you and the hang glider are hooked to a powered aircraft by a towline and other safety equipment, the fun begins. As the aircraft pulls the hang glider down the runway, you take to the air with the instructor on the controls. After a few minutes of being attached to the tow line you are over 2000 feet above the ground and it's time to be set free from the tow plane. You are now gliding freely around the sky while taking in the awesome view. About this time, your instructor will let you try your hand at the controls if you're interested.
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