"Spring Into Summer" from Upper Valley Women's Workshops
August 24
Our lineup for our Spring Into Summer Gathering is Epic! Take a look at what we have to share with you to help you enter Summer with a healthy habits and a healthy mindset... Katy Almstrom from Almstrom Financial Katy has been teaching budgeting to hundreds of people throughout the Upper Valley. Katy will teach you how to improve your results, refine your system, and spring into summer with financial confidence. Karen Gray from Green Mountain Hypnosis Learn the formula for creating real and lasting change quickly and easily. This “Recipe for Change” can be applied to any area of your life, to implement new behaviors automatically. Julie Glynn of Julie Glynn Coaching Thoughts impact your emotions, actions and results. Learn how to put your thoughts to work for a healthier relationship with food. Patti Friedman Wellness Coach Learn practical ways to simplify your fitness routine and allow yourself to be a priority! Your body and mind will thank you!
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