Red Wagon Bakery

Red Wagon Bakery. Canaan, New Hampshire

Charming New Bakery in Canaan

I have a new favorite coffee shop, and I almost don't want to tell you about it.

Charm aplenty inside the Red Wagon Bakery

As a freelance writer and editor, I work at home and prefer it that way. Every morning, I say goodbye to my family as they go off to work and school, then I get my coffee and settle down at my laptop for the day’s work. I love not having a commute or any administrative overlords. But every now and then—like when workers are banging around the house, or I need to meet with someone, or I just need to be surrounded by hubbub—I like to find a place away from home where I can get work done.

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I've worked at most of the libraries in the Upper Valley, and sampled all of the coffee shops, natch. I mean, that's the stereotype, right? A writer hunkered down over a laptop, a steaming cup of joe at their elbow, and hip tunes playing overhead. Although the reality is that working at a coffee shop is not actually that practical (I’ve had a business meeting grind to a halt because we kept getting booted off the free Wi-Fi), spending an hour or two working in the warm embrace of a thrumming java house can be a real treat.

Quiche and latte, real china, and cloth napkins

So imagine my delight at finding a new café to add to my stable of out-of-office locations. The Red Wagon Bakery in Canaan has everything I like in a coffee shop. The coffee is great, and the pear and blue cheese quiche I had on my first visit was really exceptional. On top of that, the place has charm galore. The décor is welcoming and fresh. Food is served on china with silverware wrapped in a cloth napkin. One of my favorite touches is the choice to have unique salt and pepper shakers on every table.

Brussels sprouts salt and pepper shakers

Best of all, I had the Wi-Fi almost all to myself. I know that’s not going to last, though. Once people figure out what a great place this is, it’s going to thrum. Which has its own appeal, so maybe I want you to know about the Red Wagon Bakery after all.   

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