Unpacking The Selectboard Packet: April 10

Opening day for the Red Sox at Fenway Park is on Tuesday. Will it sleet? 

The agenda for this meeting has a slightly different format, with three major headings: Administrative Matters, Policy Matters, and Future Meeting Agenda Items. 

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The agenda for the April 10, 2019 meeting is below.  Here are some things I found of interest in the Selectboard packet for this meeting.

2. Administrative Matters 
i. *Correspondence
6. Norwich Planning Commission
First quarter report from the Planning Commission to the Selectboard including progress on the Town Plan, which will be discussed at the next meeting. See agenda item 4. b. 

iii. *March Financial Reports
Month 9 of the fiscal year. Some numbers may need revision, as property tax revenues exceed projections by 401% and budget is 89% spent. 

v. *Quit Claim Deed from Town to Hanlon (Action)
Deed in the packet but no explanation about transfer . 

c. *Town Manager Report (Discussion)
i. Union Negotiations Update
ii. *FY 2018-19 Budget Update – Revenues & Spending (Discussion)
Town Manager report included. The update on union talks may be in executive session. 

Changing of the guard at Rec Department

3. Policy Matters
a. *TRORC Update
No materials in packet

b. *Plastic Bags Ordinance – 2nd Reading & Possible Adoption (Public comment, Board discussion, and possible Action). 

The proposed ordinance, included in the Selectboard packet would prohibit retailers from using plastic "checkout bags" and require stores to charge 10¢ for each paper bag.  The fifth grade at MCS is the driving force behind this initiative. (Hat tip! ) Also in the packet is a memorandum by John Langhus, expressing his personal views on questions raised by residents. Most of that memo is reproduced on my blog here. In addition, item 2 through 5 under Correspondence are about the ordinance. Item 2, from the Norwich Bookstore, asks some practical questions about implementation. 

c. *Draft Affordable Housing Fund Policy - (Public comment, Board discussion, and possible Action)
Guidelines for distributing the approximately $45,000 in the Affordable Housing Fund. 

d. Selectboard Goals Session Follow-up (Board Discussion – limited public comment)
The Selectboard is formulating near- and long-term goals.  A list was developed at March 28 meeting. Included in the packet are comments and rankings by Selectboard members Arnold, Brochu, and Layton. MIA from packet are priorities of Board members Langhus and Pepper. I don't know how these goals square with the town-wide survey. 

4. Future Meeting Agenda Items (Board Discussion)
a. April 24 - Outdoor Farmers Market Solar Project – Possible Preferred Site Designation
(Public comment, Board discussion, and possible Action)
Materials in the packet related to canopy solar at the Norwich Farmers Market. 

POSTED: 04.08.2019
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