Dartmouth Skiway - What a Season it Was!

Women's Ski Clinic participants head up Winslow for their lesson

Special Olympics Snowshoers

Ford Sayre training on Thomas

Special Olympics skiers

Powder day!

The Dartmouth Skiway closed for the season on March 31st. What a season it was with o

Holt's double chair on a bluebird day.

ver 100 ski and snowboard days, an ample amount of champagne powder days (can we ever have enough of those?), plus plenty of just plain awesome skiing  and riding on machine groomed, packed powder.

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Lots of natural snow meant exhilarating skiing in N.R.O. glades and the secret glades (No, I am not revealing their location. They’re a secret!)   Skiing natural snow fave trails Papoose and MD was non-stop fun all season, groomed or not.

Of course, there were some below zero mornings.  Occasionally  “clear snow”  rained on our packed powder parade, though it was promptly balanced by the generous falls of the much preferred “opaque” snow.  Days when the temps never made it into double digits were usually accompanied by sunshine and bluebird skies.  

Skiers and riders dressed for the weather, sporting full face masks, down jackets and what I consider one of the great ski apparel inventions, Bun Warmers.  That layer of neoprene between body and chairlift was most welcome on frigid and wet days.  Our slopeside look may not be fashion-show  ready but a warm skier is a better skier.  A happier one, too.

In my decades of Skiway skiing, i don’t ever remember seeing as many families as this past winter.  Is there anything more adorable than little children on skis?  Cries of “pizza” and french Fry” were frequently heard on the Upper Chivers to Pass Fail trails as the littles mastered their wedge (pizza) and grew into parallel (french fry) technique.  I have to swallow my pride as they zoom past. Sigh.  

The Skiway’s proud heritage as both a learning and race training mountain is stronger than ever.  The Skiway’s own Snowsports School introduced many newbies of all ages to the exhilaration of skiing or snowboarding. More advanced skiers improved their on-snow skills in private lessons or clinics. I finally got the hang of powder skiing!  Thank you, Women’s Clinic and my patient instructors.  After-school programs brought enthusiastic skiers and riders from most of the area’s schools. 

The Dartmouth and Ford Sayre ski teams train at the Skiway.  Congratulations to both teams on their successful seasons! 

The Skiway hosted the Upper Valley Special Olympics Winter Games.  Enthusiastic skiers, snowboarders and snowshoe teams, including the Upper Valley’s own Upper Valley Hawks competed for the gold on January 26. 

The Skiway Ski Patrol hosted the 3rd Annual Pond Skim on March 30.  Proceeds from this fun event benefit the Special Olympics.  Over 100 attempted to skim across the pond, to cheers and laughter from an enthusiastic audience of approximately 200. Enjoy the video.

At 4PM on March 31, last chair of the season carried the last skiers and riders up for that bittersweet final run.   Until next winter….


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