A Closer Look at Dartmouth's Expansion Project Underway

The Excavation Continues

I took a quick stroll over to the big staircase, next to Thayer Drive in Hanover, New Hampshire on Sunday. I had heard that the big staircase is going to be torn down soon, as part of the west campus expansion project.  Here are two photos of the staircase from below.    The first is from January, 2019, and the second was taken on Friday last week. 

Thayer Drive Staircase, January 13, 2019

Thayer Drive Staircase, April 4, 2019

I decided I wanted to get a better look at the construction from atop the big staircase, so I drove up Old Tuck Drive and parked up above, near Engineering Drive.  As I walked toward the activity, I could see a chain link fence around the area of excavation.  Most of the fence was covered with some material, but there was a small area that was uncovered. I peered in to see what  the project looked like up close.

View from Engineering Drive.  Houses in Background on West Wheelock Street

A much better view of the project was available from the top. 

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Here are a few views from above:

View to the South from Engineering Drive.

As seen above, with the bank being cut away, one can view the residential buildings on the south side of West Wheelock Street. 

View to the East from the Top

As I walked around and made my way over to the top of the staircase, I got a better view of the activity.  It certainly is a large project involving lots of excavation and preparation.  It will really be something to watch this develop.

A Closer Look

I walked over to the top of the big staircase, and got a much better view. 

The Top of the Big Staircase

From the top of the staircase, I gained a good view of the denuded bank, just east of Thayer Drive, and the houses on West Wheelock Street below.

Staircase View Looking down toward West Wheelock Street

Looking east from atop the staircase provided the best view of the construction.

A Good Look from atop the Staircase

The Now Bare Bank along West Wheelock Street

Home Below the Bank

The view above is from just west of the staircase.  I am wondering if the home below the bank is doomed to destruction.  Time will tell...

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