The Mindful Way Through Pain: Tools for Transforming Your Relationship With Pain
Date: Wednesdays, June 5-26, 6-7:30 Where: Open Door Integrative Wellness, WRJ, Instructor: Janice Gellis The causes of pain are many and are best treated by addressing both mind and body. Can pain be fixed? Possibly not, but it can be remodeled, thus changing one’s relationship with pain If one is to embark upon remodeling, then tools are needed. These tools can include ways to enhance self-care and empower the individual to play an active role in the process of healing or managing their health. In this course, designed for adults with physical pain, individuals will be taught a highly effective tool, mindfulness. Science has revealed that mindfulness and meditation have an ability change our brains. Mindfulness has been shown to change how we react to stress, deal with pain and positively effect resiliency. Janice Gellis, MD, is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor, long time meditation practitioner and is a board certified physician in Pain Management.
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