Changes in Hanover New Hampshire, Spring 2019

"The Only Constant is Change"

My wife and I took a short trip over to Hanover today.  On the way, we stopped to take a few photos of the changes we have been noticing. 

The first thing we noticed was the lack of trees along the hill below Thayer School of Engineering.  Apparently there was a lot of cutting there recently, as part of Dartmouth's expansion project currently underway.

An excavator was busy digging away at the big bank on the north side of West Wheelock Street. 

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For contrast, here is a similar view taken on January 13th of this year:

Before Clearing of Trees and Brush, January 2019.

"The Dartmouth" had this to say last September:  "The expansion project includes the construction of a new building that will house both the computer science department and the Thayer School of Engineering, restoration of Tuck Drive, construction of a parking garage and installation of traffic lights or signs at the crossing of West Wheelock and West Street."

New, Improved, Old Tuck Drive

As part of the expansion project, Tuck Drive has been restored, allowing vehicles to get to campus by avoiding most of West Wheelock Street, when coming from Vermont.

Meanwhile, up the street in the downtown business district, we noticed some changes on Allen Street, at what used to be the Dartmouth Bookstore.

Three Beautiful New Entrances on Allen Street.

A New Entrance Being Opened up and Built on Allen Street

While a lot of change happens in Hanover, almost continually, some things do stay as they have been for a good long while.  Michael's Radio and TV has been at the same spot on Allen Street, just off of South Main, for as long as I can remember.

Michael's Radio and TV.  A Hanover Establishment that has been on Allen Street for Decades.

A Good Old Fashioned Record Player for Sale at Michael's Radio and TV

And there's one building I know of that's been on Main Street for a long. long time, and it's dated 1867.  Oh, if this building could talk!

Ledyard National Bank in a Historic Building on South Main Street, Hanover NH

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