Lions, and Tigers and Bears oh My! (news you can use from the PD)

'Bear' with me for a moment

Here is a timely message from the Norwich Police Department, timely because,as I write this a Bear could be waking up from hibernation and wanting to stock up on some food so they can grin and Bear another season. 

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Photos and nice info package is courtesy of Norwich PD and VT Fish and Game. I serve only as a messenger on this story to get the word out to my readers.

                                                From the Chief's desk

and Sgt Jennifer Frank  who is getting ready to head out and about Norwich in this photo

And The team at the Norwich PD

Norwich VT Police Department

Lions and Tigers and BEARS….Oh my!
With Spring season upon us, the bears have begun to awake from hibernation and are actively searching for food to fill their empty belly’s. With a particularly challenging food season for the animals last year, many bears went into hibernation at a lower weight then normal which is likely to result in hungrier bears this Spring. The Norwich Police Department would like to remind all of our residents to consider these tips regarding bears and other wildlife this Spring:

1. People often encourage bears to come out of the forest by unintentionally providing food without even realizing it. The most common sources of food that attract bears are: pet food, bird feeders, barbecue grills, garbage, household trash containers, open dumpsters, and campsites with accessible food and food wastes. Be sure to secure your garbage inside and to bring those bird feeders in.

2. Consider feeding your pet indoors and secure your chickens or honeybees with a fence or bear-resistant enclosure.

3. If you see a bear in your yard, do not approach it or attempt to chase it away. Loud noises will deter a bear from remaining in an area and once it has left, check around the area to try and identify what attracted the animal in the first place and remove or relocate it.

If you have concerns regarding a bear on your property or are seeking additional information, contact your local Fish and Game Warden: 

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