Oh, The Irony of Plastic Bags

Today's Daily News Came All Wrapped Up in Plastic

Today's News Story about Banning Plastic — All Wrapped in Plastic!

The single-use plastic bag, so ubiquitous, and so seemingly useful has now come under fire and scrutiny from a host of local Upper Valley businesses and towns. I'm all in favor of getting rid of them to help protect our environment, and applaud the front-page article in today's newspaper letting us know that places like Dan & Whit's store in Norwich have discontinued the use of plastic grocery bags, even as NH and VT look toward statewide bans. I also read that the Hanover Coop will also phase out plastic bags. All good news to me. Yet, why was my newspaper wrapped in it's very own, single-use plastic bag today when I pulled it out of it's multiple-use plastic sleeve of a newspaper box at the end of my driveway? Oh, the irony of it all. Perhaps we should encourage even the news outlets that report on sustainability measures to take what they write about to heart as well. (Of course, I know not everyone has a newspaper box like me to protect their daily news from the rain or mud, but when it's a fine, sunny morning and I see my paper inside a plastic bag within a plastic box designed to protect it from the weather, it really does make me wonder if we'll ever get rid of the scourge of single-use plastic bags.) Your thoughts below are always appreciated, of course.  

The Ironic Sheen of Plastic Covers Today's Breaking News of Banning Plastic


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