Norwich Selectboard Completes Town Manager Evaluation

Norwich Town Manager Herb Durfee. Source: CATV screen shot.

Norwich Town Manager Herb Durfee received, at the least, a ’satisfactory ‘ performance review from the Selectboard on March 13. The Board spent approximately three hours in executive session working on the topic of Town Manager Evaluation, over the course of four recent meetings. 

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The public is appropriately not privy to the details of the evaluation.  At the meeting on March 13, following executive session, the Selectboard merely indicated that Mr. Durfee had received a satisfactory evaluation and had thus earned a step increase in pay under the terms of his contract. ** 

Does the Selectboard think the Town Manager’s work is more than satisfactory? I reached out by email to the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Selectboard for comment, noting that I thought ’satisfactory’ was “faint praise”. Neither got back to me in a substantive way.  

**  Section 3 a)  of the Town Manager Employment Agreement says in part: 
The TOWN agrees that by March 1st annually the TOWN shall review the salary of the EMPLOYEE and, based on the last performance review being at least satisfactory, shall increase it to the next step in the current grade and step plan.
POSTED: 03.27.2019
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