Thinning out the tall pines around the school for Safety

Not so hard to do with the right equipment

Fox Tree service showed up recently to tackle some tall pines that had become a safety hazard and a nuisance just outside the rear playground area MCS near the Bus parking lot. These photos were taken to show you the progress that was made by the diligent crew that worked most of the day to achieve this goal. 

Pruning just the right branches to help the tree live longer

Making it's way to the top

This will provide a safe area in and around the playground and parking lot

Parking lot was temporarily closed and served as a staging area

It's gonna take some time to do it right

Bringing in the Chipper

And the Chipper is performing nicely

Looking at school from Bus parking area

Starting to make some progress

Have to reach it from the right angle

And now just waiting for the debris to get hauled away

Looking good

And the playground is now a much safer place to play in

Nice Job Everyone

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