Your Own Personal Insurance Policy: Self Defense Class for Women

Feel empowered.  Feel strong.  Feel knowledgeable.  Feel safe.

We buy insurance for our house to make sure we're covered in case something horrible happens.  Why don't we do this for our most precious belonging?  Ourselves.

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I hated the feeling of not being knowledgeable about safety if someone I knew or my children started choking or stopped breathing.  I wanted to have the tools to know what to do in an emergency.  I took a CPR class and felt so much better knowing that I had the basics.  I felt empowered, strong, knowledgeable, and felt that I could better help my kids and those around me be safe.

If you want to feel this way too or provide this to your teen, the Upper Valley Aquatic Center is hosting a self defense class for ladies.  Whether you're a mom, teen, young lady, middle-aged lady, or young at heart, this class can provide you with the tools to feel prepared.

You can learn to protect yourself and provide yourself with your own 'personal safety insurance'.

This class will equip you with strategies on these topics:

  • evasion
  • escape
  • blocking 
  • striking
  • defending yourself on the ground
  • improvising weapons
  • using eyes and voice
  • environment awareness

In the class you'll practice the manuevers in a safe and respectful environment.  

The instructor is Kevin Comeau.

Cost is $70 Swim Team, $85 Member, Non- Members $100.

Classes are Tuesdays from 3:30 - 4:15 pm.  March 26-April 23. This is a series of classes and not a drop-in session.

If you have questions, contact Erin: or call 802-296-2850 ex 112.

Spaces are available.  The next class is tomorrow.  

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Featured Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

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