White River Welcomes its New Town Manager

New Hartford Town Manager Brannon Godfrey (right) chats comfortably with a community member in front of the Hotel Coolidge fireplace.

Bravo to Brannon Godfrey and His Wife, Leslie

The good times were flying high last night in White River Junction as the Hotel Coolidge and its adjacent Café Renee gave a warm, Vermont welcome to Hartford's new Town Manager, Brannon Godfrey and his wife, Leslie.

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The fire crackled warmly in the Coolidge's hearth, as cheese, crackers, fruit, and cookies were served. Through the open double doors, Café Renee kept its lights on to serve beer and wine to Rotarians, Selectboard members, and other interested Hartford community members who came to meet, greet, chat and enjoy a fine evening out. If only this could happen every night, life would be better for all. Surprisingly, I learned last night from Coolidge Hotel owner David Briggs that the Coolidge lobby and Café Renee are two spaces that will team up for events of this sort. All you need to do is ask. Let's take them up on it!

Janni Moselsky, owner of Café Renee, waits for customers with her always-at-the-ready journal and pencils to draw and write.

The pictures below capture, I hope, the essence of the community spirit of the evening. It seems that in Brannon Godfrey Hartford has a person with a keen interest in the Town and its bright future. He and Leslie have arrived here from Virginia, and they're about to purchase a home in Hartford. Let's wish them well.

Brannon and Leslie also eagerly embraced Café Renee, as Brannon was overheard to say he'd have to spend more time there. As words from a town manager, that's exactly the kind of thing a small business owner loves to hear. Here's to hoping Brannon will be out and about to make his presence known and his curiosity felt about all the local businesses in and around Town. Brannon's an affable and very likable & approachable guy. His office door, as he mentioned to the group, is always open. Seems like he's off to a great start. Bravo!   

Community members listen to Brannon Godfrey in the Hotel Coolidge lobby's Zolikofer Gallery space. (Paintings in background are by Jean Gerber of Thetford, VT.)

Simon Dennis, Hartford Selectboard Chair, offer his words of welcome to Brannon and Leslie Godfrey.

Yet another view of the Hotel Coolidge lobby last night as people listened and engaged with one another and its Town leaders in an informal and down-to-earth, Vermont sort of way.


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